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Spring has arrived and so has the pollen.  I always change my air conditioner filters after the spring pollen settles down.  It also the time of year I start to think about spring cleaning.  Experience has taught me this is also the time of year I can be the busiest with Feng Shui Consultations.  It is natural, for many, to get carried away with spring cleaning; doing too much too fast.  What usually starts out with a resemblance of organization turns out to be a hap hazard free-for-all moving swiftly from one project to another and in many cases not really completely finishing the previous project.  If we could only see how energy is being moved when spring cleaning is in progress I am convinced we would slow down and make a concerted effort to follow a game plan.  It is sort of like mixing ingredients.  There is a reason we do certain ingredients first, second and so on.  I like to use the analogy of making home-made bread.  If we don’t treat the yeast in the proper way and timing your bread simply will not turn out as intended.  Spring cleaning can be approached the same way as making bread. There is a reason we need to approach spring cleaning in an orchestrated plan.

Make a list of the different projects you want to accomplish.  Decided which are small, easy projects and which are the really big ones.  For example, cleaning out the refrigerator is about releasing old, used or outdated items.  Deciding to finally sort through and clean out everything you have been collecting in your hall closet is very much the same idea but the difference is you are now releasing personal items you have been hanging on to which hold emotional baggage.  Using these two examples, you can see cleaning the refrigerator will not be as large an energy shift since there is likely to be no emotional ties to the items in the refrigerator.  There will be less decisions what to keep, no memories of why we saved the item and no laments why we have not used the item in so long.

Projects that are about simply cleaning and not releasing things can be looked at the same way.  Cleaning you drapes refreshes the energy while painting brings in a whole new energy based on the color selected.  Painting is definitely the larger energy shift.

My suggestion is to make your list of projects, decide how each project will affect you and prioritize which project you will do first, second and so on.  Do not start with the biggest project first.  Be kind to yourself and start slowly.  If you want to make a big shift in your life,  prepare by refreshing, then releasing and finally by changing the energy.  Happy Spring Cleaning!


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