Part 5 – Case Studies

feng shui dragon pic (3)At the end of Part 4 – Applying Western Feng Shui principals to your home and office you will be given an assignment to be completed and presented in this class.  The purpose of the assignment is to give you real life experience in applying your knowledge and understanding of Western Feng Shui.  The assignment will be done by simply walking through and observing, writing down your findings, evaluating your findings and developing a Recipe.  You will present one of your Case Studies to the class for a group discussion.  
Note:  Your assignments are not to be paid consultations, they are for educational purposes only.


Feng Shui is an ancient art, originating in China over 3000 years ago, based on the balance of nature and how we individually attempt to create that same balance within our own lives.  Everything we surround ourselves with physically, such as the clothing we choose to wear, the furniture design and placement in our homes and offices, the colors, pictures,  knick knacks etc. all represent what is within ourselves.

By gaining an understanding of why you make the choices you do and what they are saying about you the healing process can begin.  It is never as simple as changing the color of your room or moving a chair to another location or possibly hanging a crystal in the middle of your home.  The reason is quite simple:  it is NOT the color or the chair or even the crystal that is responsible for the imbalance:  it is imbalance within that is being reflected into the physical therefore the healing can only take place from within.  Feng Shui is about understanding what your surroundings say about you and your desire and willingness to change.


Your instructor will be Marjorie Hilliard, Feng Shui Master

Marjorie completed a four-year Graduate Program at the The Academy of Power Feng Shui at Santa Fe making her a Feng Shui Master. She has been practicing Feng Shui  since 2002 and is the owner of Feng Shui Solutions where she not only works with residential clients but focuses on new and existing business applications.  She works with realtors, interior design specialists and new home floor plan designers.

At the Academy of Power Feng Shui each practitioner is trained through a Certificate Course in the foundation principles, followed by a Graduate Program which includes an Apprenticeship Program where experience is gained in a variety of situations.

The Academy of Power FengShui at Santa Fe was founded by Valmai Howe Elkins, author of Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective who explains that “Feng Shui is based on the discovery that our homes and workplaces contain valuable clues to our true inner selves, and to events and beliefs in our pasts which have prevented us from achieving our full potential.  The placement of rooms,  the arrangement of furniture,  the colors we choose and our artwork, are a remarkably accurate reflection of the forces which shape our lives.



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