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As we move into Spring, leaves and flowers begins to sprout.  This represents new beginnings, ideas and perspectives.  The visual of winter changes from naked trees to the lush green, multi colored visions of summer.  Just as the trees change their look we also can change how we see things.  This reminds me of the burning building scenario.  If you place a different person at different corner of the building you will get four different perspectives how the building burned.

Feng Shui is an excellent tool to utilize when you want to change your perspective regarding a person or situation.  I’ll use finances as an example.  What season are you experiencing your finances;  the barren look of winter or the lush look of summer?

The Financial area of the Bagua is located in the left, back corner.  Even though there are many ways to apply the Bagua I will keep it simple and ask you to stand at your true front door and locate the furthest left back  corner of your house.  If you have a deck or any other attached room this must be included in the footprint of your home.

You want your Financial area of the Bagua to be beautiful and organized.  If it is unavailable, congested, barren or a place you don’t enjoy looking at or being in then you have a problem.  There are many ways to address this area of the Bagua, way more than I can discuss in a simple Blog.  Check out my web page at http://www.fengshuisolutions.org to research for articles I have written more extensively about the Financial area of the Bagua.

My recommendation is to clean up this area.  Make sure you like the way it looks.   Place your favorite items here, things that make you smile and feel supported.  The Financial area of the Bagua is associated primarily with the Fire Element which means this is not a good location for a lot of Water Elements.  However, you also don’t want too many Fire Elements either.  Too much fire ‘burns’ things up which can represent how Financial prosperity is used up as fast as it comes in.  Keep everything is proper balance.  Let Nature be your guide.


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