Part 2 – Understanding the Bagua

The Bagua is our ‘road map’ in the proper application of Feng Shui. Understanding how to use the Bagua is imperative when undertaking the task of evaluating what challenges you are dealing

Feng Shui Bagua copy.001 with and in determining whether you will use the Cycle of Creation or the Cycle of Control to bring balance and harmony. In this class you will learn about the 9 different Guas, what each one represents and the Elements associated with each one. In Part 1 you were taught about the 5 Elements, how to recognize them and what they mean. With that knowledge you are now ready to see how each of the 5 Elements operate in the different areas of the Bagua. In addition, you will learn how to work with rotating Baguas and why it is so important especially when working with multi-level homes and buildings. You will also see how you can use the Bagua to Feng Shui your home, office, architectural plans, land, individual rooms and even a piece of furniture like a desk.


feng shui dragon pic___________________________________________________________

Attendance to all 6 classes of the series is required to receive your Certification.


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