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I am currently in Florida enjoying the beautiful weather and contemplating what I will talk about today.  After careful thought and a brief sit in the sun, I decided to talk about a Feng Shui tip on mixing and matching colors.  When deciding on color schemes for your home or office consider what atmosphere in which you work best.  Everyone is different so there are no absolute wrongs or rights.

Things to avoid would include dueling energies. Fire and water are dueling energies that do not compliment each other.  For example, fire has a hard time burning if it is mixed with water.  What this means is red colors, which are symbolic for the fire element, and dark blues or blacks, which represent the water element, probably are best not placed together.  Don’t place a water feature in the middle of your fire pit.  Don’t laugh, I’ve seen it done. The same holds true for dark greens, which represent the wood element, and pastel colors, which represent the metal element.  In Feng Shui principals it is believed that the metal element is what ‘chops’ down wood and therefore they are dueling energies.  This does not mean you can not put dark blues and reds together or dark greens and pastel colors together. Strive for balance.  If you want reds and blacks together consider which energy you want the most of and then add other elements to balance things out.  If you want the ‘flow’ of the water element to be dominant then add some pastel colors to introduce metal which will help to contain the water and at the same time give the fire element something to keep it busy by trying to melt the metal.  This is just a snippet of how Feng Shui principles can be applied.  But always think of Feng Shui as nature.  How does nature interact with all of its elements?  We can easily feel the imbalances a flood or fire creates.  Or the feel of a forest that has burned.  These are imbalances in nature.   You can feel these imbalances in your own home or office, just the same.  Good luck.


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