Feng Shui Tips for Selling Your Home

house_sold1Spring is in full swing, with new beginnings,upward growth and development, Feng Shui can impact the sale of our homes. If you have been contemplating putting your home on the market, spring is an auspicious time since many buyers are naturally drawn outside to look for homes in warmer weather. Ignoring the energetics of home while selling or buying, however, can complicate a transaction that is already stressful.
Feng Shui can be of enormous help to gain insight when preparing your home to go on the market. Choose symbolic versus sterile staging, or use Feng Shui principals to understand what to avoid or what to seek out when buying a new home.

It’s amazing how I’ve seen Feng Shui impact the successful sale of a home.

Here are two examples:

1. I was called in by the owner of a home, in Atlanta, who’s home had been on the market well past the expected sale date.  The home was completely empty.  As I walked through the home I found the chi to be stagnant but also very heavy, especially in the kitchen.  The owners had most of their fights in the kitchen and some of that energy had remained.  A clearing of old chi is always an excellent idea before placing your home on the market. Also, keep in mind, when a home is left empty the chi has no direction and basically stops flowing and settles.  What I did in this consult was clear the chi and add fresh flowers before showings to bring in new life and lift the energy.  The home sold within a couple of weeks.

2. I was consulted to look at a home in Greensboro, NC.  This home was also vacant.  In order to lift the chi of the home, I recommended bringing in some color.  In this case, the previous owners had moved out of state so I used artificial flowers instead of real flowers.  You should never use ‘dried’ flowers as their energy represents something that has died.  I placed flowers in the ‘Helpful People’ area of the Bagua to bring in a better flow of potential buyers, added some flowers on the stair case that faced the front door.  Stair cases are considered waterfalls because the chi rushes down the stair case.  The flowers, being a wood element, help to soak up some of the chi thereby slowing the amount and impact of rushing chi toward the front door.  By reducing the impact of rushing chi buyers were more comfortable entering the home.  This home had a contract signed that week.

Some quick tidbits to consider:

– Be aware of poor Feng Shui that can cause stagnant energies or Chi, and utilize fixes that can help smooth the selling process.

– Pay attention to outdoor landscaping, lighting and color to enhance curb appeal. It takes a nanosecond to make a good first impression. A note about using the color red at the entrance to your property or home. Red could actually push someone away – red is considered fire.  The entrance onto your property, the driveway, is equally as important as the entrance into your home.  Make sure it is free of obstacles, including hanging branches or bushes that crowd the flow of chi.  You don’t want the prospective buyers to feel like they have to push their way in.

–  Fix or mend broken objects. Broken objects represent things that are “broken” or “not cared for” in your life.  When preparing to sell your home it is important to nurture your home as much as possible so the chi is new and vibrant.
–  Arrange furniture for easy conversations and away from natural walkways.
–  Tidy, clean and flank the entrance with plants, water elements and a wind chime. Make sure the foyer includes a “wow” factor, the master bedroom is cozy and romantic, and the kitchen is spotless and tidy.

Feng Shui is a wonderful tool to utilize when preparing your home for sale or when looking for that perfect new home.  Everyone’s needs are different and there is no such thing as the perfect Feng Shui’d home.  But by utilizing Feng Shui prinicipals you can create the proper flow of chi that will welcome perspective buyers.  
 feng shui dragon pic
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