Feng Shui for Financial Prosperity

Have you ever thought about getting a "financial fresh start?" While it may not be possible to start from scratch, there are some things you can do to add some health to your wealth, and Feng Shui is involved. Contrary to a popular thought about Feng Shui, the items or placement of furniture has no … Continue reading Feng Shui for Financial Prosperity


Marjorie Offers Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of renewal.  It is a time when all the dormant ideas and desires planted in the winter now 'spring' to life.  Like anything, a room must be prepared for the new ideas and desires to be 'planted' and nurtured.  Spring is the perfect time to make that room by releasing those … Continue reading Marjorie Offers Tips for Spring Cleaning

Why The World’s Biggest Banks are “Feng Shui-ing”

Banks and businesses all over the world have embraced Feng Shui.Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, have all integrated the core principles of Feng Shui into urban planning. And so it goes that the cities naturally become more attractive to urban dwellers and investors. The latter being key to economic growth.In my classes, Basic … Continue reading Why The World’s Biggest Banks are “Feng Shui-ing”

Feng Shui tips for the Holidays

The holidays can easily be a chaotic and stressful time of year.  When you think about it there really is a simple reason.  Between placing Christmas decorations inside and outside of your home, colorfully wrapped presents, holiday baking  added to the stress of extra shopping your normal energy flow (chi) is greatly disrupted.  I believe … Continue reading Feng Shui tips for the Holidays